Rollfast Mark II      
Toilet Tissue Dispenser 
 public washrooms/restrooms




           What Google Says



We invite you to check in Google the way we did.

We have carried out extensive research, and we can find no other dispenser in the world with such extreme proven anti vandal and anti theft properties as Rollfast.

When we Googled "Vandal Resistant Toilet Tissue Dispensers" we found the following:

1).. All the designs are very similar, offering nothing unique or innovative like Rollfast. Everybody seems to copy everybody else!

2).. Almost all seem to have a key with a block-able keyhole and all quietly ignore that as a major weakness.

3).. Many designs have a tiny capacity, inadequate for a busy toilet.

4).. Misleading claims of being 'Vandal Proof' - there is no such thing (there is always the jaws of life or a stick of dynamite). The best that can be claimed by any dispenser is vandal resistance - which is all that Rollfast claims.

5).. Those that make serious claims of vandal resistance talk about 'indestructible robust stainless steel', but brute force and ignorance is NOT the answer.

6)..Rollfast is vandal resistant by guile, cunning and clever design based on a deep understanding of the causes of the problems.

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