Rollfast Mark II      
Toilet Tissue Dispenser 
 public washrooms/restrooms








We have engaged a plastics engineer (John Rafferty, a professional plastics engineer of Elemental Manufacturing Pty Ltd of Wangi Wangi, NSW) who has done the design for all the tooling, but it would be prudent to make one example with 3D printing as a final check that everything is exactly right before embarking on the making of the tools (if you are not familiar with plastic injection moulding, what you would call a 'mould' is known as a 'tool').

The tooling has been estimated by John Rafferty to cost under AUD $100,000 (About USD $75,000).


There will be two main tools required for moulding Rollfast: the backing plate (that screws to the wall) and the body. John tells us that each of these tools can produce about 350,000 units a year, running 24/7 (each ‘shot’ takes about 1 ½ minutes). There will be other smaller tools required for four minor plastic parts plus three pieces of bent wire and two springs for each unit.


It has been suggested by our plastics engineer that it may be best to have the tools made in China, while production can happen anywhere in the world at much the same price as the labour input is minimal until assembly, packaging and shipping - which will probably best be in or near a large population.



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