Rollfast Mark II      
Toilet Tissue Dispenser 
 public washrooms/restrooms




Tissue Capacity of Rollfast


Rollfast is designed to take rolls of tissue wound onto a core. That is, it is not suitable for the coreless centre feed type of roll (but these are rare).

Rollfast will accept any width of roll from 95mm (") to 117mm (4⅝") and any diameter from 100mm (4") to 127mm (5") but excluding domestic type rolls that can be easily squashed flat.

The smallest practical size would be 800 sheets (or 400 2 ply), while the largest would be 1500 sheet rolls. Most brands of 1500 sheet rolls will fit, but we found at least one brand that was 140mm (5½") in diameter that would not fit. We could have made Rollfast big enough for it but deemed the dispenser would be too big and clumsy and not worth catering for that one exception.

The magazine can hold four smaller or three larger rolls plus one in use on the dispensing arm. When full of larger sizes, the capacity of 6,000 sheets or pieces is the same as a large jumbo.


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