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 Jumbo Tissue Costs More!


Most people imagine that the tissue on a jumbo roll would be cheaper than on a small roll on a per piece basis, but this is not so. To prove this we searched on Google and found three different websites in three different countries that quoted a price per jumbo roll and a small roll on the same page and from the same manufacturer.

In each case, they quoted the length of tissue on a jumbo, and we took that figure (in metres) and multiplied by 10 which allowed each "piece" to be 100 mls (4") long; then multiplied by the number of rolls in a carton, so we knew how many pieces or sheets were in a carton. We did the same with small rolls. Here is the result:





 # pieces in carton

Cost of carton

Price per piece





















 The cost savings in favour of small rolls varies
 19% to 45% in those examples above not counting the waste with a jumbo roll change.

And in Australia?

(Prices are as quoted by Harvey Distributors, Winnelie, Darwin.)


 Brand & type


 Pieces in carton

 Cost of carton

 Price per piece

 Jumbo Tork




Small Roll Tork





 Jumbo Livi




 Small Roll Livi





Notice with Tork the small rolls are nearly half the price per piece and with Livi they are well below half price.

You can clearly see that small rolls have a huge price advantage, so why would any operator of a public toilet ever want to bother with jumbo rolls with all their problems and costs (as seen in the videos) now that there is a proper well designed small roll dispenser like Rollfast?

The waste of tissue on each jumbo roll change (as seen in the video) probably averages 500 sheets or more, that means a 6,000 sheet jumbo in reality has only 5,500 usable sheets or pieces.

Remembering that Rollfast works with nil waste, we believe the average saving in tissue cost is over 30%.

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