Rollfast Mark II      
Toilet Tissue Dispenser 
 public washrooms/restrooms



    Do You Want It?


Prediction:  "In time, this dispenser will
become the world industry standard.

Wouldn't you like to own the world?


Wondering about this proposal as a business venture for your self or your company?

By the time you have read every word on every page on this website plus watched all four video clips, you will then fully understand the product and the market and have all the information you need to make a serious considered business decision about buying Rollfast.

Also, all claims made so far will be substantiated.

So please read on....

How hard will this be for you to make this work?

Not hard at all:

  1. Organize finance

  2. Order tooling

  3. Do trial shots (you don't need your own injection machine)

  4. Initial production run (  "   "   "   "   "   "   "   "   "   "   "  )

  5. Organize assembly and into a carton

  6. Make a selling video (recommended)

  7. Design and print a brochure (surely a must!)

  8. Employ sales reps (to find distributors)

  9. Watch product race out the door (it did last time) 

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