Rollfast Mark II      
Toilet Tissue Dispenser 
 public washrooms/restrooms


  Business Proposition 

The Offer of a Lifetime

The manufacturing rights and the
 ownership of this amazing product are

For Sale

This dispenser offers:

**super fast keyless loading

**extreme vandal resistance

**huge savings in tissue cost

**total security of stored rolls

**completely unique world wide

 - which means you will have
a world wide monopoly
with no competition!

Please watch the video first 

Introduction to Rollfast.

Turn up your speakers and
watch this 2 ½  minute video.





We Had A Brilliant Result With
Mark I; We Now Bring This New Design Ready For Manufacture



* Users love it - because of the endless supply of clean tissue available without hassle

* Janitors love it - because of easy keyless loading with no blocked keyholes

* Managers love it - because of no vandalism and vastly reduced costs

* Distributors love it - because it's so easy to sell and a fast moving line

And you will love it -

 Because it can make you VERY RICH!




I am a product design engineer who has been associated
with the washroom/restroom industry for over 25 years.

That means I deeply understand all the problems so I
know exactly what the industry is looking for and I have
designed this dispenser to precisely fit those requirements.

Main Benefits of Rollfast Mark II

** Proven sales record (with Mark I).

** Proven strongly anti theft (with Mark I).

** Proven vandal resistance (with Mark I).

** Proven won't frustrate user (with Mark I).

** Huge capacity for busy toilets.

** Tissue cost slashed by 30%+.

** Toilet operator's dream come true.

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